SUNLINER is a roots rock band that fuses the artistry of Travis Book and Sarah Siskind. Featuring the songs of Siskind, one of the world’s most celebrated young songwriters, stories of heartbreak, self discovery, love and life are sung by Book and Siskind. The sound is unique, encompassing rock, folk, country, jazz fusion and blues, but the music remains firmly rooted in the Virginia soil where they now make their home.


Originally from North Carolina, Sarah Siskind is an NPR favorite with a distinct style that’s taken her on the road with Bonnie Raitt, Swell Season, Bon Iver, Paul Brady and more.  Dozens of artists have covered her songs including the Grammy-nominated “Simple Love”, recorded by Alison Krauss and the indie favorite “Lovin’s for Fools”, performed by Bon Iver.  Her songs have been heard on ABC’s hit show “Nashville”, as well as MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” and ABC’’s “Pretty Little Liars.”  At SXSW 2013, Time Magazine called her “one of the 5 best voices.”


Originally from Colorado, Travis Book is a lead singer and bass player for the Grammy Nominated modern acoustic phenomena The Infamous Stringdusters. Thick bass grooves, warm vocals and his trademark smile define his style, but he’s not just a bass player. In January 2014 he demonstrated his musical versatility  when he released a solo guitar-vocal tribute to his mentor Benny Galloway called “Alice.”


Both are recognized as among the best in their field but they’ve never done anything quite like this.  SUNLINER, song-driven roots rock from the mountains of Virginia.